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I am not talking about things like Business for Bloggers, and similar, though I am investigating them for professional purposes. I keep reading all those myth articles saying how easy it is to make money writing blogs, and I wanted to disprove or confirm the thesis. Of course I hope the experiment will prove me wrong and pay for a trip to see Funny Peculiar, which stars my most recent theatrical talent discovery (yes, I am years behind, but it’s not my fault), Craig Gazey, who stole my heart on the artistic level when performing in Third Floor. I am aware of the blue eyes, but as an aspiring director I notice how someone acts first, and fall in love in a very Dorian Gray-ish way. Aware of this, I don’t ask people in marriage. Well, maybe Dan Stevens if he wasn’t already married, but still…

However, this post is not about Craig Gazey’s blue eyes, nor about mine for that matters.

This morning an article was featured on my twitter timeline thanks to the wonderful Laura, and the whole thing caught my attention. The article was about 7 reasons why every job-seeker should blog. I highly recommend you read it, even if I am going to discuss it briefly here.

The reason of this choice is the coincidence of it with a comment I received about the blog yesterday, which said it is nice to find women who are this open about who they are and this made the blog nice to read.

The article thesis is that a blog about the field you want to build your career in is an effective choice. This gets along with the famous trends of looking for you on social networks to find your faults. I find it rather unfair, not because I have something to hide, but because I think everyone should be judged only based on their merits and their capabilities.

In my case, I think there are some of the latter. My views on, I only today discovered, are in most articles more than 200 hundreds. Part of the merit is of the editors, who gave me the site to look for SEO ratings I now use, so that I could write articles resulting popular in search engines. Part of the merit is mine, because I think of interesting topics that people read. And part of the merit is yours, reader, who never fail to amaze me for your kindness and your participation.

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I have always wanted to be an adult who can see the boa eating the elephant.
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