Jam & Dram

Believe it or not it was sunny today in London, and it was sunny one week ago. The light sunburn, however, is all today’s, as last week I traded the golden disk in the sky for whisky, waffles and gorgeous Scotsmen. Ahem. The reason being that Jam & Dram organised by The Whisky Lounge was held indoors, in what by night turns into a hipster club in Shoreditch. And this was a very hipster whisky fair, not what you would expect to have going on in a room with people tasting whisky. It may be my taste in literature and films but the idea of whisky gives me mental images of the Earl of Grantham and political discussions after dinner in a noble house or at the Club. Or Don Draper. Or Chuck Bass.

Chuck Bass drinking whisky in bed in Gossip Girl

Even Chuck Bass dresses too posh for the event, which was really casual and friendly. If their aim is to bring to people you would see drinking Jack Daniel’s to the kind of whisky you expect to see only in the house of the parents of the Made in Chelsea cast then it’s been the greatest success.

The concept behind Jam and Dram is brilliant. The core of the event was not the waffle stand, though if you’ve never had waffles with bourbon chocolate sauce and champagne cream you have half lived. It wasn’t even the blend whisky-making class or the expo of maybe 50 different whiskies: islay, speyside, India, Japan…

There were 3 bands, each of which had a chosen blend (because another aim of the group was to erase the prejudice in favour of single malt whiskies) we had to vote at the end of the day. The blend and the band were meant to represent each other, like a woman and her perfume. Speaking of which, I’ll gladly accept a bottle of Coco Noire…

During the day I learnt that some whiskies are very feminine (or like an exhibitor said ‘good for the morning), that cocktails work amazingly with whisky as they do with vodka and that I have a fine taste, the confirmation of which always makes me happy.

Legends say that I once almost puked only at the smell of whisky, so you would never expect me to have had one of the best times in my life in a place like this, but I did.

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One Response to Jam & Dram

  1. Orama says:

    And it is still shocking that you enjoyed it! But always good.

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